• Bean-1-1024x680

    Settling in at ICO

    Mama, I made it! Moving all the way from California went about as smoothly as I could have hoped for. Using the variety of renting apps I mentioned in a previous post, I was able…

  • 13509033_1770820343150354_1845693857766274731_n

    Chicago Fire Rec Soccer

    Intramural sports is something I have always been involved in. I did something every season during undergrad, and that was still the case when I started at ICO. I have always…


    A Heartfelt Welcome to ICO

    Orientation has come and gone, but boy, what an experience. I honestly do not know the expectations I had coming into orientation. I thought they would…

    6 Optometry Lab

    In the Making at ICO

    When I first chose Illinois College of optometry I pictured my future with my nose in the books and an extreme amount of debt. Studying to…


    Optometry Overseas

    Namaste! After spending 2 weeks in India for a wedding, I am a little jet lagged and excited to be back home and write another blog…

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