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May is here!

I have been looking forward to this month for a very long time. Our last set of exams. Our last lectures. Our last clicker questions–followed by a scurry of movement as everyone tries to unearth their clickers from the depths of their backpacks and click something before the timer runs out. (For the record, my clicker has been covered in jam, glue, ink splatter, and tea leaves, and has perpetually been “low battery.” I will cherish that clicker until the day I die–or until someone offers me a dollar on the ICO Marketplace.)

However as much glee and impending joy that this month represents, it is with a unique sadness that we say goodbye to ICO. As our class embarks on externships, ranging from the shores of Hawaii, the excitement of Spain, the opulence of Dubai, and the Tim Hortons of Toronto, it is the first time in a long time that our class will be apart.

I think it is safe to say that the class of 2014 is awesome.

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