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Finally, something about LIFE in Chicago!

Finally, something about LIFE in Chicago!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Blogs

Dear reader, you might look at my recent blogs and can’t help but wonder, Gee, why hasn’t she mentioned a life outside of ICO? My honest response to that is I don’t really have one right now.

This summer is definitely one of the toughest quarters I’ve been through (thus, the total domination of my life), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any time to have fun and explore the city. A group of ICO students, including myself, decided to take advantage of an awesome Groupon deal, to attend last weekend’s Chicago Craft Beer Festival. For $39, we got admission for two people, as well as 40 drink tickets. It also included live music later on in the evening, but most of us left early for other festivities. (I went back to studying. *sad face*)

The first thing we noticed when we arrived in the area was a huge line-up of people waiting to get in. Luckily, the wait wasn’t long at all, and we got in within about 10 minutes or so. Once we entered, we were each handed an adorable little glass with a line on the back signifying 3 oz., so the bartenders knew where to fill it up to. I don’t think any of them paid any attention to that mark, and they filled as they  pleased–especially toward the end of the festival.

beer glass

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43 Days to Move in Day!

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Blogs

Hello again future colleagues!

It’s the end of June–which has flown by a little too fast–and although I am so excited for my first day of classes, I don’t want to forget about what I will be leaving behind: my boyfriend, my best friend, my comfort zone. Despite how much time I still have left before August 1 rolls around, I find my agenda book filling up quickly in an effort to tie up loose ends and visit friends and family before my departure. I really look forward to the third week of July when I’ll get a week off work to just relax and maybe go to the cottage.

One of my “loose ends” that I recently tied up was cancelling my gym membership, which was very sad. I really enjoy going to the gym, seeing the same people each morning in the fitness classes and knowing that we all share the same thoughts about doing another set of squats and lunges. Luckily, ICO has a gym conveniently located on campus for student use. I plan to be an avid user, but I take the laughter of my co-worker–a second year student at ICO–as a subtle hint that I may not have the time.

As I prepare for school, it seems my wardrobe is the most difficult thing to put together. It’s easy to imagine things I might need for my room, but when it comes to what I’ll be wearing every day, it seems to require more effort. And in terms of obtaining the required items, I keep having to remind myself that Chicago might possibly have much better shopping than Winnipeg. I found out about an outlet mall near Chicago that has countless stores where I am sure I could find anything that comes to mind.

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Small Town Girl becomes a City Girl

Small Town Girl becomes a City Girl

Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Blogs

I will soon be moving from a town of 10,000 people to a metropolitan area of nearly 10,000,000 people. *gulp*

Let’s elaborate on this a bit more.

Chicago is ONE THOUSAND times bigger than my hometown, which after 22 years, I have become quite comfortable in. Now I will be moving to an unfamiliar city, living in close quarters with unfamiliar people. Once I mentioned to my dad that I was thinking about applying to ICO for optometry school, he looked like he had just seen a ghost. It was clear he wasn’t comfortable with me moving to a big city by myself. He even encouraged me to enroll in self-defense classes. Nonetheless, it is time to expand my horizons and step outside my comfort zone. Here is a short list of things I have done in order to make myself (and my parents) more comfortable with the move:

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How to do a Pediatric Exam without Turning into a Crying Toddler

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Blogs

Welcome to fourth year, my little pumpkins.

kids in glasses

I am currently knee-deep into my first externship rotation, which consists of ocular disease and pediatrics. Running in heels from advanced care to vision therapy certainly can keep one on their toes (literally)! The diversity of my days keeps me interested–although some of that can be attributed to the mild hallucinations triggered from lack of sustenance during 12-hour days.

By no means am I good at pediatric exams–or anything for that matter–but I decided to compile a list of tips and tricks I’ve amassed thus far to help newbies like me navigate their way into the terrifying mythical forest that is the pediatric/binocular vision sub-specialty.

Read these with a massive grain of salt. A small boulder, really.

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Making the Most of Summer

Making the Most of Summer

Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Blogs

The summer between first and second years is the only one ICO students have off from school and I plan on making the very most of it. As first year was coming to an end, I noted a few different things that I wanted to do, like travel to somewhere I’ve never been and read a great new novel. It’s been a while since I’ve read a page-turner and so I’m on the lookout for a great summer read or two. In addition to the bullets on my to-do list, my calendar is speckled with events and priorities that I’m excited for. Between numerous weddings on my calendar, dozens of fashion soirées that keep popping up, films I’m watching (can’t wait to see “Man of Steel”) and that trip to NY I’m coveting, I’m hoping this summer is great and that its memory will soothe the wound of its future loss. OK, that’s a bit melodramatic.

Bridal Shower

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