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Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Blogs


I recently checked out the Art Institute of Chicago’s latest exhibit–Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity–and was not disappointed. I’ve been to the Art Institute countless times but it was my first time that I queued in line. Like always, I used my student ID from undergrad to receive my gratis ticket with the title of my choice exhibit printed in bold. Ticket in hand, I met droves of people pondering where to go, asking questions of museum employees, and taking endless pictures–tourists!

Past the Grand Staircase and through the Alsdorf Galleries and into the Modern Wing, I came to the exhibit of my dreams–which arrived to Chicago last month following a showing at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art–and then frowned. “No photography.” I can never predict when photos at exhibits will be allowed. Though this exhibit is only for a limited time, so was the Picasso and Chicago exhibit, and pictures were allowed there. I captured a shot of the title wall before the exhibit entrance and walked into the art-filled rooms that followed.

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Emergency Room STAT!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Blogs

Who doesn’t like ER?

ER is where I first set eyes on George Clooney, after all.

There is a certain allure to having an ER shift at the IEI during your rotations. Anything can walk in the door and you have to be prepared for it all. This is where three years of didactic and clinical experience merge, where your skills and aptitude are put to the test, where fire meets ice, and where dreams come true.

Did you fall off your chair with excitement?!

I have the good fortune of having my ER shift with the incomparable Dr. Mothersbaugh on Monday mornings. This is notoriously the craziest shift, because as everyone knows, the most scandalous and riveting eye injuries occur on the weekend.

(An aside: Most scandalous and riveting teeth injuries occur on Tuesdays.)

total Hyphema

I admit, I thought I’d be seeing 8-ball hyphemas often enough I could start predicting the future with them. Whenever a patient checks in, my heart flutters for a second: Is this the story I bust out at dinner parties for the rest of my life?

In truth, “emergency” means something different to all of us. Waxing your entire eyebrow clean off may seem like a true emergency to you.

But when someone checks into the ER, they don’t do it lightly or with abandon. They are scared that something has happened that may permanently affect their vision, and that is a frightening thought. As much as it is their right to seek an optometric opinion, it is our responsibility to handle it with care, concern and attentiveness.

Even if it’s blepharitis.

What is the most valuable piece of equipment when it comes to ER?

Go ahead and think on it for a second. Here’s a hint, it’s probably something that has been swallowed in the depths of your briefcase and hasn’t seen the light of day in far too long. No, not your measuring tape.

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The City I Love

The City I Love

Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Blogs

She'd Aquarium

Finally, a day off work comes around and I think to myself, “How can I make the most of this day, one of my last few ‘free’ days before the rigorous work of optometry school starts?”

Honestly, you’d think it’d be easy to fill the hours with activities living so close to Chicago, a multicultural mecca of nightlife, concerts and upscale dining. Well, that’s just it: There are too many choices. However, I would rather have too many options than too few–the same way I feel about picking out a new pair of glasses (which I just did, by the way). In any case, me and my new crisp prescription glasses decided to hit the Shedd Aquarium and Crêpe Bistro & Martini Bar with a few of my best friends.

In natural Midwestern fashion, the day started in a whirlwind, literally, mixed with rain as I boarded the Metra and headed into Union Station. Suddenly, it was as if the clouds were feeling generous, parting to uncover the beaming sun. We were thankful for that as we took a short 20-minute walk to Shedd. Feeling like a true city girl-to-be with a latté in hand, I found myself actually trying to remember street names and directions, which I would have NEVER thought to do before… but hey, only 38 more days until ICO move-in day so I thought I might as well try to make my life a little bit easier. The city streets were like a trendy amusement park filled with all types of important-looking people rushing in every which way. Getting closer to the aquarium, we found ourselves traipsing behind a tour group on Segways. I’ve actually been on one of these tours, and although I know it seems super tourist-y, it was actually a great way to explore the city in a fast-paced way.

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Fun with Contacts

Fun with Contacts

Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Blogs

I know I said in an earlier post that I look forward to development lab with all the adorable children every week, but it’s actually tough to pick a favorite between that and our contacts lab.

I LOVE labs with Dr. Gunderson, someone you’ll familiarize yourself with in second year since he also teaches ocular physiology. If you haven’t met him yet, you’ll learn soon after you meet him that this man has the most interesting (and hilarious) stories any faculty member has ever told. I don’t know about you, but good humor makes me learn better. If it doesn’t, it at least certainly makes my day better.

I’ve worn contact lenses since I was in seventh grade. When I first learned to handle contacts, it took me two hours to put them in and at least 45 minutes to take them out. It took me about a whole month to get better at it. Now that I’ve had so much first-hand experience, it’s interesting to learn what exactly I’m putting in my eye, and what my optometrist has been doing all this time when she says she’s “checking” them. It’s also a really weird (in a good way) having to insert and remove contacts in our partner’s eye, and having them do the same on me. But you’ll get used to having your eyeballs get poked around, the same way you got used to monocular vision from all those dilations in second year. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I swear. It really doesn’t hurt. Unless you put them in inside out.

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Meet Divvy!

Meet Divvy!

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Blogs

personalized Divvy bike

I was surprised to find my name on my first bike! It sure made me feel a little special and excited for many more bike rides to come!

When you’re a budget-tight student in a 555-square feet studio apartment, owning a bike can be a hassle–from scraping together the money to buy it to storing and maintaining it. And you have to weigh the odds of the bike getting stolen–it’s already happened to me twice. But my dream has finally come true: Chicago now has an unlimited bike sharing program called Divvy. My life as a full-time student of optometry isn’t exactly a thrill a minute, but THIS… IS… EXCITING! Last Thursday, after two weeks of unexpected delays, Divvy finally unleashed its awesomeness onto the city’s commuters and visitors. The $75 annual fee gives members unlimited 30-minute rides, or people looking for a shorter commitment can opt for unlimited 30-minute rides for $7 per day.

When I heard about Divvy a few months ago, I really thought it was too good to be true. I believe that Portland, Ore., is home to the first bike-share program in the U.S., and I’ve seen similar programs in cities like Montreal, New York and D.C. But I just didn’t know how bike-sharing would fit into the lifestyle of Chicagoans–particularly this Chicagoan. Yes, I had some doubts, but I went ahead and paid my hard-earned (erm, government-borrowed) $75 to sign up before the launch and become one of Divvy’s founding members (no joke, that’s what they call those of us who signed up early).

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