5 Gifts for Future Eye Docs

It is that time of year again! The holidays are well underway, and here at ICO, we are full of excitement. One of the most fun parts of the season is gift giving. Many of my peers will probably agree that, because we are on our way to a career in optometry, we love to give vision-related gifts.

Here is a list of 5 gifts that optometry students will most likely receive (or give) this holiday season- if they haven’t already!


1. Any sort of eyeglass, eye chart, or vision-related decoration.


Found on etsy.


2. Of course, you gotta have jewelry with glasses on it.


Found on etsy.


3. Don’t forget cute clothing items!


Found on etsy.


4. Mugs…all the mugs.



Found on Vistaprint.


5.Kate Spade errything…


Found at KateSpade.com.



I hope this makes shopping for those future optometrists a little more fun! Happy Holidays!


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