Adam Hulisz

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My story begins in Southern California, the land of non-stop sunshine, horrible traffic, and Mickey Mouse. I had my eyes examined only once in my lifetime that I can recall. So, my interest in the field did not come from seeing my optometrist, but from shadowing in high school.

After graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in biology, I began working full time at an optometry office. All the time spent at the office ensured my choice to pursue a career in optometry and only furthered my curiosity in how our visual system actually works.

Outside of optometry, I’m a huge sports fan and an avid adventure seeker. I follow basketball and soccer the closest, but definitely pay attention to what’s going on in all sports. Growing up in California, there is a plethora of scenic hiking trails as well as infinite ocean water that helps to ease the summer heat.

I’m pretty stoked to attend ICO, and aspire to be the best healthcare provider I can possibly be. With that, I’m sure there will be new experiences to be had and never a dull moment during my time in Chicago (what is this “snow” you speak of?)

Here’s to the 20/20 experience- Class of, that is.

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