Celina Lewis

I did not fall in love with optometry at first sight. It started out casually (like dinner and a movie once a week) and slowly progressed to something more serious. Four years later, I am in a full-blown committed relationship, and couldn’t be happier.

I’ve always been a Midwest gal (yay for brutal winters and chokingly humid summers!) I grew up in Illinois, and moved to Northwest Indiana before starting college. I completed my undergrad at Purdue University Calumet, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Advertising. My plan was to head to Chicago to work for some big advertising agency in the creative department- the kind where dressing fashionably is almost as important as the job itself, and where I could do a cartwheel in the hall if I felt like it with zero judgment.

While I was completing my undergraduate studies, I was working for an ICO-graduated optometrist who inspired my decision to become an “eye guru” instead of an “ad guru.”. After visiting ICO, I knew without a doubt it was the only school for me. Thus, fate would still lead me to Chicago, but for a different reason than I had initially planned.

I have never felt more certain about a decision, which is saying a lot for someone who can’t make a simple choice such as “chicken or steak?” at a restaurant. I am excited to dive into the infinite world of eyes and share my ICO and Chicago experiences with current and prospective students. …and for you non-native Chicagoans, I’ll try to spout some Chicago survival tips where appropriate (such as ketchup and hot dogs don’t belong together; not everything has to be learned the hard way.) Enjoy the ride!

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