Fatima Ibrahim

I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. Though I was raised in the Chicago suburbs, getting acclimated to life in the city took a very short time for me. Now, I proudly say “Chicago,” when asked where I’m from.

Growing up, I’ve always been eager to be helpful to others and loved the service of healthcare. I started exploring eye care during secondary school, and fell in love with the scope of optometry. I then discovered ICO and what it had to offer, and knew I couldn’t leave my city. I’m a city girl at heart and having my immediate family and support system close by was invaluable.

Outside of optometry, my leisure interests revolve around fashion, friends and family. I’m involved in the Chicago fashion scene and often escape reality to take in a runway show when I can. I love creating art and may spend unscheduled time writing, sketching, painting or cooking up new creations.

I’m excited to be a part of the ICO blog and look forward to sharing my experiences as an optometry student with my fellow peers and all else who stumble upon our collective site.

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