Galit Blumenthal

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Hello! I am Galit from Toronto, Canada, and I am delighted to be a student blogger representing the ICO Class of 2020. My exposure to the world of optometry started at a very young age when I used to visit my father in his clinic. I was fascinated by his skills and ability to help people.

Before pursuing optometry, I explored a number of interests which helped shape the person I am today, including human neuroscience, perception, and music. I went on to complete Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology from York University and the highest level of piano proficiency from Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. Upon graduation, I felt at a crossroads.

I considered continuing on to a PhD program. However, I had also been working regularly at my father’s clinic and had experienced first-hand patients’ appreciation after receiving treatment. I was helping to make a difference in people’s lives. It was ultimately this realization that inspired my decision to apply to optometry school.

When I flew to Chicago for my interview, I immediately felt the sense of community that I had hoped for at ICO. Everyone from the students and faculty to administration and security staff welcomed me warmly. It felt like home. As you read this blog, I hope you feel the same sense of home, too. We’re in this together!

A few other things about me: I consider myself a DJ at heart. If you require particular playlists for your future events, you know who to call! I love trying new activities, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures. Traveling, photography, painting, and film are a few of my favourite things.

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