Jennifer Tai

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Canada. I went to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for my undergraduate degree, with a double major in Health Studies and Integrative Biology. After doing a lot of research on all the different optometry schools in Canada, the U.K., China and the U.S., I came to the conclusion that ICO was my number-one choice. It wasn’t the glamor of the beautiful giant city, the board scores, or the newly renovated Eyepod and Lecture Center that sold me (though it definitely didn’t hurt to have those things). For me, it was the awesome community of genuine students and faculty that I have come to know and love. I was fortunate enough to have met an ICO student representative in person and got to talk about everything; from shoe sales in Chicago (AMAZING deals by the way), to her life on and off campus. Visiting ICO in person during my interview was what finally sealed the deal for me.


I hope that through this blog, prospective students will be able to get some honest insight on what life is really like here, or at least, what my life is really like here. Buckle up, it’s one heck of a journey!

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