Jessica Capri

If you need an expert on moving within the United States, look no further. I have lived in more than five states. Although most of my growing up was done in South Carolina, I joined the ICO family from Newburyport, Massachusetts. Boston will always be in my heart, but I am thrilled to be somewhere new, exploring the beautiful city of Chicago.

My path to optometry was anything but simple. I entered my undergraduate career with a love for the movie Finding Nemo (remember, fish are friends not food) and the intention of becoming a marine biologist. I soon found out that, despite Disney’s perspective on the ocean, fish were not my thing.

From there, I bounced around the idea of entering the heath field, and thanks to my father’s chiropractor, stumbled upon optometry. (I think he was secretly trying to get me to go into chiropractic medicine, but that clearly backfired!) The first day I shadowed an eye doctor, I watched as a little boy saw the world clearly for the first time with his new pair of glasses. The look on his face made me certain this was the field for me.

Today, I continue to explore my passion for both physical and mental health as well as helping others achieve their health goals. I am a group fitness instructor, and I teach classes ranging from Spinning to Yoga. Additionally, I work at a center for the blind and visually impaired. This opportunity has helped me learn many things from the clients I am working with who are regaining their independence after recently losing their vision.

The last thing you must know about me, I am a talker. Through this blog, I hope to share this adventure and prove that not only can you succeed as a student, but also you can have fun doing it!

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