Lena Dorack

ICO Blogger

“When the South meets the North.” That’s what it feels like when I tell my family and friends that I’m moving to Chicago for optometry school. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington, where the Cowboys stadium is located. I feel like I can speak for the majority of Texans when I say we enjoy our BBQ and sports. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but we don’t all ride horses or wear cowboy hats down here! Texas will always be home to me, but I’m more than excited to call Chicago my home, as well.

From the time I started college, I have been continuously learning and falling in love with optometry. From shadowing numerous doctors and optometry students to volunteering at vision screenings and being the president of the Pre-Optometry club at my school, I have never found a dull moment when it comes to optometry. Being able to start optometry school is only the beginning of this wonderful journey I’m on.

I first learned about ICO through my own optometrist here in Texas. Also, an ICO representative would visit my university almost every semester. I was able to visit Chicago for the first time earlier this year, and fell in love with the city and its rich culture. Living in Chicago was something I would dream about, but who knew it would happen because of ICO?

When it was time for me to interview at ICO, I was impressed and sold by what ICO had to offer to students. After learning more about the facilities, faculty, outstanding board scores, volunteering opportunities and student involvement at ICO, I was excited to become a part of the ICO community.

I love what I do, but now I love it even more in this environment.

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