Mallory Scrimger

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I have always dreamed of changing the way people view the world, but figuratively– by writing a prodigious piece of literature or creating an artistic masterpiece. Ironically, I have found my dream in the opposite direction. I will literally be responsible for changing the way others see the world. Pursuing the field of optometry has been the most incredible experience.

My story begins in Michigan, where I was born and raised. At age sixteen, I received my first eye examination. It was at this time that I was given the chance to look through to my future, using slit lamp biomicroscopy. The view that I saw was something I will never forget: simple, yet complex, elegant, yet repulsive- the perfect contradiction. That view, combined with a passion for biology discovered in high school, provided me with the basis for my interest in optometry. I moved on to complete my undergraduate studies at Ferris State University.

Graduating with the title ‘scientist’ never suited me well. Always interested in composition, literature, and the arts, I craved to design a life mixing both the creativity of my imagination and the precision of science. Itching to stretch out beyond the limits of Michigan, the possibility of the Illinois College of Optometry suddenly became a reality.

When I am not engrossed in the beautiful details of the eye, you can find me daydreaming, having writer’s block, or just simply trying to enjoy and get prepared for the journey that lies ahead.

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