Melissa Lopez

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota (and a year in Mexico,) I have a slight accent most people catch (just ask me to say bag, coke, root beer, or anything else with an O.) I went to the College of Saint Benedict’s/St. John’s University- an all girls school and its partnered all boys school. I studied Hispanic Studies and Biology, taking the occasional Maple Syrup class.

I worked at an Optometrist’s office for three years during college. After taking the MCAT and finishing my medical school application, I decided medical school was not for me. A few months later, I was working on my Optometry application and took the OAT a few days after Christmas. I decided to attend ICO because I liked the school and I loved the city. Turns out I love the school, and I’ve met some of my best friends while being here.

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