Rina Sheth

Born and raised to Illinois, I find nothing more exciting than two things: Chicago and eyes. I’m a recent University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign graduate majoring in molecular and cellular biology with a minor in Spanish (Olé!). Graduation was extremely bittersweet for me as I said farewell to my presidency of the U of “Eye” Pre-Optometry Club and to all of the professors, mentors and friends who helped me from being merely pre-optometry to an actual optometry student.

For me the choice of ICO was simple. As it is one of the top optometry schools in the nation, located in a vibrant city, and is a true hub for young professionals, there was truly no other contender for me. I hope that through this blog, you as a reader will see my perspective in how I’m preparing for my first year at ICO as well as what Chicago truly has to offer. Stay tuned!

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