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The Languages of ICO

When I came to ICO, I was amazed by how diverse my class was. My new peers were from every stretch of the United States and…

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Watching Cataract Surgery

As optometrists, we see plenty of cataracts. It is common to see patients with all types of cataracts, and we have to administer tests to determine…

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What A Difference a Year Makes

The notion of linear time may be nothing more than our minds’ way of categorizing information into a chronicle.* Theories suggest that “everything that has occurred, is…

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OD vs MD: My Decision

I am often asked, “Why optometry? Why not general medicine or ophthalmology?” My answer is simple. It wasn’t the time difference or the lifestyle. I am intrigued by…

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What is SOLutioN?

When I joined the ICO Private Practice Club, I heard about this meeting called SOLutioN. I really had no idea what it was, and to be honest, first…