Discovering Second Sense

ICO 3rd year students in front of Second Sense, a vision rehabilitation clinic, Illinois College of Optometry

Recently, a few members of ICO’s Low Vision Rehabilitation Club took a trip up to the Loop for a tour of Second Sense. Second Sense is an organization centered around working with those who are visually impaired. Located in the heart of the city and easily accessible for patients, this organization serves as an excellent source of continuity of care for low vision rehabilitation patients outside the clinic.The role of optometrists in the care of visually impaired patients is to manage any ocular conditions and prescribe devices which help patient use the vision they do have. Often, however, eye doctors do not have access to these devices in their office. Second Sense helps fill in these gaps between treatment and device training. They have a multitude of great programs geared towards helping patients regain their independence, including yoga and self-defense.
At the core, however, is retraining patients with visual impairment to complete everyday activities. Second Sense has both professionals and volunteers working to help people learn to cook, clean, use public transit, and get around the city on their own. Uniquely, in this modern day where technology seems pervasive in our lives, Second Sense also teaches their clients to use computers and other electrical devices.In sum, Second Sense provides resources that play a key role in the complete treatment of patients with visual impairments. Along with optometry and ophthalmology, they can act as part of the team to provide patients with the full care that they deserve.


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