Driving Through Fields of Wheat

Our winter quarter came to an end this past Saturday and brought with it a week-long break from studies. Whenever break time arrives, I’m always excited to head home and spend time with family and friends. Some colleagues of mine traveled to Honduras for a Fellowship of Christian Optometrists mission trip, while others went down to Florida for some fun in the sun.

This week, a few friends and I spent a day at the Indiana home of our dear friend and fellow colleague, Reham. In the past, we always quipped that she lived in the middle of nowhere, with fields of cornfields that ran for miles. On the way there, the endless fields of wheat we drove past only fueled our jokes. That is, until we reached her neighborhood–which mirrored a typical Chicago suburb. It’s been blisteringly cold recently, and most of our trip was safely and warmly indoors. We did, though, venture out to visit Michigan City for some shopping at the outlet mall, as well as some and stores nearby. When nighttime came, we headed back to Chicago and concluded our road trip.

Above all else, one of the best things about being a student at ICO are the people you meet and the relationships you make with them.


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4 Responses to “Driving Through Fields of Wheat”

  1. Dr. Mark Colip ' 92

    Your ICO classmates and colleagues will be a worldwide professional network now and once you enter practice. I still cherish and rely on my classmates and the friendships I established at ICO. ICO’s selection process brings together an extraordinary group of people and talent.

  2. Kathy Olson

    It is always great to visit the county and see some open space. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Francis Ukpolo

    I’ve never been to Michigan City, but I heard its a great place for discount shopping. Keep your head up, Spring is just around the corner.

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