Experiencing the World Series from the Other Side

Baseball is ‘my thing’.  As I learned that I would be heading to Chicago to pursue my dreams of becoming an optometrist, I knew I was heading to baseball central. To me, it’s acceptable for a baseball fan to have a favorite National and American League team. Being from Cleveland, of course I’ve been a Cleveland Indians fan my whole life. The Cubs were also my chosen National League team.

In the midst of my acceptance to ICO, yes- a Cleveland Indians/Chicago Cubs World Series was one of the first things to cross my mind. I had this thought in January when I finalized my acceptance and knew I would be heading to the windy city. Little did I know what I was really getting myself into…

When the Indians won the American League (AL) Central Division, I was more than ready for playoff baseball. I was lucky enough that I got to go to both an AL Division Series game and an AL Championship Series game in Cleveland. It was everything I ever dreamed of. The atmosphere was something that I cannot even put into words. I got to bond with my dad, which made me truly realize just how much a silly game could mean to people. Once I knew the Indians were going to the World Series, I gotta admit, my heart was so full of both excitement and sorrow. It was only filled with sorrow because it was also finals week.

Let me tell you, there’s no bigger stage then the World Series and there’s no more important grade than the one you get on your final. I really did not know how I would be able to study while my favorite team was in the biggest stage of baseball. However, it all worked out. I must admit, I know I could have studied more, but at least I know this for future finals weeks when the Indians and Cubs are not playing in the World Series!

My first experience for the World Series was heading to downtown Wrigleyville for Game One. I was shocked by how many people were not there! Once I talked to all my friends, though, it clicked that all the Cubs fans were in Cleveland. These are some dedicated fans, I will give them that. Every day, I asked myself why I wasn’t able to attend these games as well, but I couldn’t be mad because I was chasing my dreams of becoming an optometrist. There’s a chance that the Indians will be in another World Series, but there’s not really another chance for me to achieve good grades.

After studying for a few days, I ventured out once again to Wrigleyville for Game Four. My dad also drove up so we could watch the game together, which really meant a lot to me. Since it was a home game for Game Four, there were a TON more people. The bars and the streets were packed! Cubs fans were relatively nice to my dad and I after Cleveland won that game and many people came up to us and congratulated us. It was an awesome experience being around that environment, but I was ready to be around Cleveland fans after that.

After taking my last final with a sigh of relief, I realized I had survived my first quarter of optometry school. To top it all off, I got to go experience a Game Seven with my family in Cleveland! I was not in the stadium, but right outside of it. I have never been through so many emotions in such a short amount of time.

The thing about baseball that I love is that you must give the other team a chance. The pitcher must throw the ball over the plate. There is no clock to wind down. It came down to the last pitch. Baseball is more than just a game; it brings unity. I love getting to meet new people and bond over a love for baseball.

Even though it was not a favorable outcome for me, I’m still more than happy I got to experience such a party. I cannot be mad that the Cubs ended their drought of 108 years. Rather, I’m happy that I was there to enjoy and experience it. There’s always next year, Tribe fans.

…There’s also another quarter of optometry school to attack!


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