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Sushi- BlogYou would think that with finals right around the corner and the last two weeks being the busiest we’ve had so far, I would be stuck inside 24/7, and honestly, most of the time I was.  But somehow I was also able to explore the city and try out a few new things. And not the really touristy stuff that everyone tells you to do right away, like see the Bean and walk the Magnificent Mile. I finally got to see a bit of local Chicago.

First up was going out for sushi. Now I’ve eaten sushi before and enjoy it as much as the average person would, but by no means would I consider myself a connoisseur. Along with around 10 friends, I headed to a joint in Lincoln Park called Sushi Para II where I was about to be shocked and amazed. The food was incredible!  It was all-you-can-eat, where you ordered whichever rolls or sushi your party desired and they brought them out in fantastic arrays and designs. The only thing you have to be careful about is over-ordering, because if your eyes are larger than your stomach they charge you for the leftovers. It was hands-down the best sushi I’ve ever had. Now I can’t say I eat sushi often, so there may not be much to compare it to, but hey, I’d definitely go back. It also didn’t hurt that the place was BYOB with no corking fee!

Polish foodThe second outing was very different from the first. I met up with a longtime friend at a small Polish diner called Podhalanka on Division right off the Blue Line. It was great meeting up with someone I hadn’t seen in far too long and even better that she knew about this place!  Now we are both of Polish decent and as fellow Poles know, we enjoy our food. This place was very unique and definitely reminded me of the old country–we were served by someone I assume was the owner, and there was one little old lady doing all the cooking in the small kitchen. When we arrived, the owner asked us a few questions about what we liked, and then decided to order for us, bringing us a literal feast of traditional Polish foods. From cabbage soup to pierogis to potato pancakes, we wanted for nothing. Be warned, however, that when the owner orders for you, he delivers more than enough and you’re left with a hefty bill just for a nice lunch. He makes it sound like a nice sample platter, but it’s really just one of everything on the menu. Even though the food so good, next time I think I’ll do the selecting myself.

And what would all these nice dinners be without a show?  The RC had another one of its planned events, this time to the comedy theater Second City. The show we saw was called “Who Do We Think We Are?” and turned out to be a riot. It’s a relatively small venue, which means every seat is a good seat. Pack in about 40-50 people from ICO and what a great night!  It contained more sketches than improv, but regardless it was all funny with a cameo of President Obama himself… or just a very well done imitation. It was a great way to cap off the Friday of an incredibly long week. Now it’s just the waiting game for finals, though the wait isn’t very long! And for those of you interested to hear the results the Amazing Race, I’m proud to say that I was a first place finisher with my teammate Brad! A surprising total of five teams finished on the first possible day and tied for race winners. I guess this school is just filled with incredibly motivated and athletic people!


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2 Responses to “Exploring the Little Things”

  1. Kathy Olson

    My ethnic background is similar and yes, I’m ready for some pork sourkraut and dumplings. Make that Potato dumplings for me. Congrats on the amazing race. I knew I wouldn’t be able to “beat” you over-acheiver young(!) students but I was glad that I could finish the race. I’m glad we have such programs to motivate us to exercise.


    It is great to hear students exploring this great city! Though downtown can be fun, there are so many great neighborhoods to explore. Looking forward to hear what you do next!!

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