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My Most Memorable Patient Encounter

My Most Memorable Patient Encounter

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Blogs | 1 comment

I’m assigned four 45-minute vision therapy sessions with four different patients every Wednesday night. The best part about this shift is that unless a patient wishes to discontinue therapy, I pretty much get to see the same people every week. It’s an opportunity to get to know them, bond with them, encourage them and learn from them.

I think the most unique experience I’ve had throughout my entire career at ICO happened with my 23-year-old vision therapy patient who needed some new glasses (getting the right prescription is the first step to therapy). She was my last appointment on that first Wednesday evening. Her day starts at 4 a.m., so she was tired, practically falling asleep during the exam. Her main issue was that she saw double of everything due to an eye turn, and her vision was blurry.

In a nutshell, I refracted her the best I could, and got her to see 20/20 from both eyes, but she was still seeing double of everything in the room. My attending, Dr. Smolyansky, then instructed me to put some prism into the temporary trial-glasses we put on her.

That’s when the magic happened.

Patient: “Oh my gosh, I can see!”
Dr. Smolyansky: “Do you still see double?”
Patient: “Not even a little bit.”

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A Summer To-Do List

A Summer To-Do List

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Blogs | 1 comment

It was a mere three weeks ago that I donned a black cap and gown and walked across the stage to receive my bachelor’s degree in health science from Purdue University. After the ceremony, unlike most of my friends who were going off to work salaried jobs in various parts of the country, I didn’t have those post-grad blues. While my degree represented everything I had worked for as an undergrad, I knew it also represented the new journey I’m starting as part of ICO’s class of 2018!

I think I speak for everyone in my entering class when I say IS IT AUGUST 6 YET?! I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for summer. I know I really should relish in these rare three months of free time with no classes and no responsibility, but I can’t help but look ahead to this fall when all the madness begins. No, I’m obviously not PUMPED to stay up until 3 a.m. cramming exam material or waking up early for lectures or being forever lost in biochemistry (again), but think of all the stuff there is to be excited about: meeting new people, the RC, being in clinic, THE CITY.

But okay. I can’t get ahead of myself. It’s only the beginning of the summer. I’m lucky enough to be incredibly free this summer (minus the few shifts a week I picked up at my old retail job), so that raises the question: What am I going to do fill the remaining two months until I move in?

To my fellow classmates who are also wondering this, here are my tips on how to fill your summer with worthwhile activities while anxiously awaiting the next 4 years of your life.

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Remembering and Continuing the Adventure

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014 in Blogs | 0 comments

Memorial Day.

A day devoted to remembering those who have fallen fighting for our freedom, safety, and certainty. In this country, freedom is taken for granted; bondage is not easily defined by experience. In this country, safety is cherished and held dear; danger is feared and avoided. In this country, certainty is attainable; uncertainty is defeated. We have these privileges because of people who gave up theirs. These people know the true meaning of selflessness, friendship, and family.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends: John 15:13

I, along with my fellow members of ICO’s class of 2018, am about to step into a new chapter–perhaps a new book–in the series we call life. The next couple months must be spent preparing our minds, hearts, and souls to give up our whole selves in devotion to those around us. The adventure we will begin in August is not solely for ourselves but for every person we come into contact with during the next four years. Becoming an optometry student is a remarkable accomplishment along our journey. It is now time to turn this accomplishment into a training: a training to become the guardian and protector of the human eye. The eye is what allows us to interpret our surroundings and respond appropriately. As we learn how to preserve, correct, and enhance vision, we learn how to improve the quality of life.

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in Blogs | 2 comments

Since arriving at ICO in 2012, I’ve tried to improve my study habits and general approach to student life. I was a model of poor health during my first year. My extreme commute and my time-consuming responsibilities as senior editor of OptometryStudents.com took their toll. But I made some adjustments, and now I feel mentally sharper and have more energy. Here are some tips that have helped me be successful in my classes and stay healthy–maybe some of these can work for you, too.

Treat your lectures as if you have an exam on that exact material the next day
Don’t waste your time half-listening in class, “multitasking” by scrolling through Facebook or Snapchat on your phone. Imagine that you’ll be performing the clinical procedure you’re learning about later that day, and the patient’s sight depends on YOU. If you can hang on to every word your professor says, you’ll save tons of time studying later on. (Sorry for not heeding this advice sooner, Dr. Goodfellow!)

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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Blogs | 1 comment

It’s such a simple question.

“Where did you grow up?”

It’s something I feel like I get asked every day.

The simple answer is listed on my passport and my birth certificate and slips out of my mouth with ease. We all know our towns, our family home, our childhood bedrooms.

But seemingly without notice, the answer has changed. A paradigm shift has taken place, and I realize now that I actually grew up in the last four years, not in the 20-odd ones that preceded it.

The honest answer now is, “I grew up at ICO.”

The hallowed halls of school were my playground, my nursery, my school house, my detention, and my time-out corner. The RC was where I met some of my lifelong friends, the Lecture Center was where I drew all over my notes, the big room on the second floor of the library was where I ate my body weight in candy as I studied, and the dimly lit Eyepod was where I discovered the intricacies of the ocular tissues.

When I arrived fresh on the scene four years ago, I doubt I could recognize who I’ve become now. I used to be shy and introverted, and now you’d be hard-pressed to get me to shut up. I didn’t know the difference between being a Bears fan and a Packers fan, and I wasn’t entirely sure what the I-90 was. Now I’m ripping on referees with the best of them, and honking on my horn like it’s my job. Oh, and I learned how to be an optometrist. Sidebar.


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