Podcasts: The Free Elective Courses About Anything

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Recently, I have discovered a vast array of “elective courses” that are free and do not require attendance to any specific school. They are called podcasts.

As I am surrounded by graduate school course notes and exam studies, free time to learn about other aspects of life tends to take a back seat. Thankfully, there is a pre-installed podcast app on the iPhone. Android phones have a similar app available in Google Play. Podcasts can also be listened to on the computer, either within iTunes or on podcasts’ own websites; I’ll provide those links for you below!

The podcasts that I have been listening to deal with one thing that everybody needs: money. Although not everyone desires or requires the same amount, money is inevitably needed for some basic things. (Shout-out to Bryant Anderson in the Financial Aid office at ICO for inspiring me to really look at my own personal finances at a deeper level!)

So, I’d like to share with you which money podcasts I found interesting.

The Clark Howard Podcast – Clark Howard’s slogan, “Helping you save more, spend less, and avoid rip-offs,” seemed basic and appealing to me. I went ahead and listened to a few episodes. I began to discover a world that I know very little about before attending ICO. The podcast usually contains news on a variety of things- how to save money on your phone bill, investing, even getting a mortgage- all in one episode. I found his podcast very knowledgeable for those that know very little about managing money. Even if it may not apply to you now, it may in the future. Each episode generally runs for about an hour, so it’s perfect to listen to during your commute or, if you’re like me, while exercising.


Planet Money – I just want to say that I listen to a lot of NPR (yea, I’m that old.) There is a podcast from the organization that pertains to how money works and moves on a national/global level. Episodes can be brief (20 minutes), and are usually constrained to one topic. Now, I feel like I know a little bit more about what’s going on in the world- stock markets, interest rates, and home ownership, just to name a few. This one can be drier than the rest, but still holds its weight in terms of knowledge gained to benefit one’s self.


Listen Money Matters – This one is uncensored, and targeted towards the younger, somewhat tech-savvy crowd. These episodes, about an hour long, contain information regarding credit and how important it is (at least the recent ones I’ve listened to). There are plenty of tips, including maintaining a good credit score, how the score helps you, and why you should think about building credit if you haven’t started. Remember, it’s uncensored, so some slips of “unprofessional” language should be expected.


By no means am I saying that everything in these podcasts is 100% right. They don’t apply to everyone, but I do believe the usefulness outweighs the contrary. For me, listening to podcasts is a nice break from studying while still learning and not feeling like I wasted time. My commute is about 45 minutes, so listening to podcasts during that time puts my smartphone to good use.

Not every podcast I listen to is about money, but when I learn more about a topic I know very little about, it’s satisfying. Take a listen to any of these podcasts. Perhaps this list will inspire you to find podcasts relevant to your own interests. There are certainly ones that you would enjoy!


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