Super Bowl Party, RC-Style

Last weekend was the last exam-free weekend of the quarter, and of course, it was also Super Bowl weekend. On Sunday, several of RC residents came together to watch the big game in the second floor lounge. Game day snacks were abundant and good cheer was universal as the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens faced off. I took a break from studies to join my colleagues and enjoy the excitement. I watched the second half, after that unprecedented 34-minute blackout, as the 49ers tried to close the gap the Ravens had established. The Niners fell short in the end, but between the plays, we all were amused by the over-the-top, $4-million-per-30-seconds-of-air-time commercials. One of my favorites was the Taco Bell ‘Viva Young’ ad, featuring a group of older friends having the time of their lives.


Photo by Jonathan Dong

This morning we completed the last of our written quizzes for the quarter with the Ocular Anatomy practical. Our final exams begin Saturday and run through to the following Saturday. After that, we can say that we’ve successfully completed two quarters of optometry school!


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