The Luxuries of Home

View out my front door at Lake Chataqua... ice-covered of course.

View out my front door at Lake Chataqua… ice-covered of course.

Another quarter over and alas, we get our ever-so-coveted break week. The one week where the only thing that matters is getting 15 hours of sleep per day, and trying in vain to re-grow all the hair that was accidentally pulled out while studying for finals. After a few days of well-needed rest I have successfully replenished my sleep… the hair not so much.

This break I decided to head back and visit my parents for a little R&R back at the homestead. Home for me is now Bemus Point, N.Y., which is in the Empire State’s very southwestern tip. This area is known as the Southern Tier by anyone living within 200 miles and is absolutely nowhere near New York City, a common mistake made by those living on the opposite side of our incredibly large nation. In fact, we are relatively close to the city of Buffalo and Lake Erie, and as such receive huge amounts of snow. These frequent whiteouts can be a perfect excuse to stay indoors and relax; however, a perfectly timed snowstorm after my arrival turned that plan into incessant shoveling in the bitter cold. Though truthfully, I really don’t mind shoveling, it brings back memories of growing up and can honestly be therapeutic in itself.

My fun-loving Golden retriever doing what he does best!

My fun-loving Golden Retriever doing what he does best!

Heading home for a week has some great benefits. Your parents are excited to see you. This means that extra special care and thought is put into making your favorite meal… thanks Dad! I finally get to visit that old rascally dog that I never see (and who happens to love the snow), but probably the best of all is just enjoying my parents’ company. I’ve been out of the house since high school and with my undergrad university being a nine-hour drive and Chicago being just over eight hours, it’s a rare thing when I walk in the front doors. So with finals over, and the grades posted and done, it’s finally time to have a beer with my Dad, glass of wine with my Mom and just soak in the peace and lack of scattered notebooks. I know I have to enjoy it now, because it’s all gonna start up far too quick, and then it’s back to the books for me.




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5 Responses to “The Luxuries of Home”

  1. Dr. Mark Colip

    Sounds like a wondergful and well-deserved Break week! Glad to hear that you are rested and ready for spring quarter at ICO……. which begins today!

  2. Kathy Olson

    Glad to hear of your nice break. I’m sure those who have nurtured you for so many years are glad to see you back at home for some relaxation. You will always cherish those times. BTW: I love your pictures. lucky you to live on a lake!

  3. Benita Barber

    Your pictures are great, the view is beautiful and tranquil. Your home looks like the perfect place to take a break. Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

  4. Sharon Uher

    I had to look up your picture in the class photos to see who wrote such a nice and touching story. You are fortunate to have such a beautiful home to return to and spend quality time with family. Glad you had a peaceful break!

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