Two Weeks of Summer

After a challenging three months of summer quarter, we all have realized that life as a third year is a whirlwind. Bustling between labs, classes, and clinic is the daily agenda, and although sometimes stressful, I have to say that life is exciting. Being a full-fledged optometrist is right around the corner!

However, as a third year putting in many hours of patient care, studying, and taking exams, myself amongst my colleagues couldn’t wait to feel just a touch of Summer freedom.

blog 1Being a Chicago girl, born and raised, I knew that I was going to have to fit A LOT into fourteen days. There is so much that this city and its neighboring suburbs offer that I could hardly pick what to do over this short, but precious break.

After sleeping for a good 48 hours and catching up on life after the madness and chaos of finals and practicals, I had to stop and get my favorite treat at Sugar Shack (about a 5 minute drive from ICO and A MUST). A mouth-watering funnel cake sundae is Sugar Shack’s famous dessert. Trust me, IT IS WORTH EVERY GUILTY CALORIE. However, if you are not a funnel cake fan, have no fear as they offer everything from snow cones to milkshakes and beyond.

When that was said and done, I began filling my time with activities, wanting to soak up that Summer sun. Just outside the city is one of the Nation’s largest animal experiences, Brookfield Zoo. It’s very easy to get to, and does not disappoint with a fun day outside with daily live-bands, tasty treats, and of course, wildlife that is surprisingly close to such a large city.

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Just so you know, life and activities don’t have to be so planned in Chicago. Heading to North Avenue IMG_3321beach for a little afternoon volleyball followed by a margarita along the Chicago River makes for an easy and relaxing cap to a summer day, and- let’s be honest-  it’s just good for the soul. Chicago is one of those cities that is so involved in what it can offer to its inhabitants. It has allowed me to take advantage of movies, yoga, and even a symphony orchestra at Chicago’s famous Millennium Park.

Although these two weeks of summer vacation are rapidly coming to a close, Chicago and its activities don’t have to stop… after all, there is always the weekend!



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